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About the Company


The technology used to transfer a moving image. The constant increase in the requirements for the quality of the television image, on the one hand, and the improvement of the television equipment, on the other, led to the emergence of systems providing high-definition images.

IP Telephony

A technology that allows you to connect the capabilities of conventional telephony and the Internet. Telephone communications in modern offices must be not only high-quality and reliable, but also must provide a large number of additional opportunities.

High Speed ​​Internet

The use of the Internet around the world is growing rapidly. The Internet is increasingly used in all areas - from computers and on-board space, aircraft and ship systems, to information transfer systems over long distances.

Mobile connection

The most common type of mobile communication today is cellular. We not only technically provide mobile communications, but also enter into economic relations with subscribers who acquire from us some basic and additional services.

Mobile Internet

Mobile communication and data transmission technologies are actively developing in the world of modern information technologies. The development of data transmission technologies leads to the restructuring of the entire information industry and the integration of telecommunications, computer and television networks.

Video Surveillance

Modern CCTV systems provide the ability to monitor work processes, monitor construction, monitor vendors, monitor and manage warehouse operations, and perform additional security controls on site.