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License Agreement

Cooperation agreement with

General provisions:

1. To participate in, you must be an adult citizen by the laws of the country of residence;
2. reserves the right to refuse any participant access to an investment or partnership program without explanation. At the same time, it guarantees full repayment of the debt taking into account the already received Profits, except for cases of violation of the rules providing for full account blocking without damages;
3. Any participant has the right to create only one account for investment or partnership activities
4. Registration and use of other accounts is strictly prohibited; The
5. Information on all transactions, amounts of transactions and transfers made on the company's website are confidential; 6. Any member has the right to access only information related to his activities.

Duties and rights of participants:

1. Use materials on the site to familiarize yourself with the principles of work and rules;
2. Follow the rules of this agreement. Do not participate as an investor or partner if you do not agree with the these rules;
3. In case of any questions or points of contention, contact support staff in the working time from 10.00 to 22.00 Moscow time. Do not expect a solution to a question or answer during non-working hours;
4. It is forbidden to involve third parties to work with your account or communicate with support on your behalf, as this is contrary to the rules of confidentiality and the protection of information of participants;
5. It is forbidden to distribute unchecked or false information about the work of For violation of the full Account Suspension
6. It is forbidden to occupy working hours of employees without grounds and real necessity, including provoking them. In this case, you can be completely denied support and participation.

Protecting the interests of participants:

1. Managers and employees of all services of undertake not to disclose the personal data of the participants to third parties
2. Employees of all services have only necessary access to the data of participants, which guarantees full responsibility of each service for the actions taken;
3. undertakes to provide participants with only high-quality service, ensuring uninterrupted access to the site and full data protection;
4. Each participant has the right to full technical support and advice on any issues related to with the work of
5. reserves the right to amend the agreement unilaterally.

Investments and profits:

1. You can only invest funds after you have replenished your account;
2. To replenish the balance, follow the instructions in your personal account;
3. You can replenish and withdraw funds from the balance using any purses of available payment systems without restrictions;
4. It is forbidden to transfer money from one payment system to another, that is, replenish the balance from one purse and immediately output to another, without a real contribution to one of the tariffs. In case of detection of similar actions, all funds on the account can be frozen;
5. It is not possible to cancel the work of a deposit or change the tariff plan of an already operating deposit.


1. does not conduct checks and is not responsible for errors in the data provided by participants. All entries entered by the participant are correct by default;
2. does not guarantee the absence of failures in the work of third-party resources related to the company's work: disruptions in the work of payment systems, work in the data center, inaccessibility of official communities in social networks.