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Affiliate Program

The client trusts the wisdom of the creators of life.

"Intellectual life" embodies information in the era of new technologies, the future services of China Unicom will be an impetus for development, for the use of the Internet, cloud computing, large data and other technologies for information processing, "learning" in the people penetrated into all spheres of economic and social development.

"Client trust" is the survival and development of China Unicom, which strives to constantly improve the quality of services to meet the needs of customers, to obtain a high degree of customer confidence. That's why we created an affiliate program for our customers:
1. From the first level will be accrued 5% of the customer's deposit.
2. From the second level will be accrued 5% of the customer's deposit.

With every sale of the package, you get 10% of the weaker leg that will be credited to your balance.